We are all about bringing a great user experience to conference rooms in the form of a complete and customizable solution. For a solution to be complete, we believe it needs to be…



The capability of being easily expanded or upgraded on demand.

Stem’s scalability gives you the freedom to use the same products in every room by allowing you to add more devices for optimal coverage.



Consistently good in quality or performance;
able to be trusted.

The Stem ecosystem automates the testing process and gives IT managers advanced warning if any issue should arise, allowing problems to be addressed before anyone’s meeting is interrupted. Now you’ll know the status of your rooms at all times.



A device or mechanism used to regulate or guide the operation of a machine, apparatus, or system.

To make our platform as accessible as possible, we allow a user to gain access via our proprietary controller as well as through any iOS, Android, and 3rd party devices like Crestron, Key Digital, Extron, and AMX. If that’s not enough, we also give access to our platform via HTML which is OS neutral and accessible to anyone with a device running a browser.



Readily learned or understood.

Stem is designed with the user in mind, with a clean, minimal, and familiar user interface. So whether you’re in charge of installation or you’re ready to join the meeting, you’ll know exactly what to do without question. Stem is compatible with all of your favorite video conferencing platforms, allowing you to use what you’re already accustomed to.



Ready and able to be easily modified to adapt to changing circumstances or conditions.

Stem is all about providing IT professionals, AV integrators, and end-users a flexible solution to customize their conferencing experience. We designed Stem to be a toolbox of devices that can provide a perfect solution for any space.



Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.

Stem is advanced on the inside so it can be simple on the outside. Minimal buttons allow you to control Stem with ease. All Stem devices are powered over Ethernet, so one simple cable is all you need.