Stem Wall

Microphones and Speakers never looked so good


Design Before You Buy

Customize your audio in minutes to know exactly what you need for your room.

Mix & Match

Mix and match all Stem devices until your room is completely covered.


Control and manage the Stem ecosystem securely on your network.


Stem solutions are compatible with your favorite video conferencing platforms.

Hear and be Heard

With 15 beamforming microphones plus two full-range speakers and subwoofers, this microphone array can be wall mounted in any room to ensure everybody in your meeting can hear and be heard.

Choose Your Camera

Mount your favorite camera right on top to create your ideal AV combo

Conference room camera brands

One Ethernet cable does the trick

All Stem solutions connect via Power over Ethernet (PoE) making installation easier than ever. Running cables to power your products will never be an issue again.

Case Studies

“Stem Wall and Table have really blown away everyone who has used them. They look great and also fit into any space. The price point is awesome and they were super easy to install, which was something really important for us.” Read more

“The students and teachers don’t even have to think about the audio and it’s so much nicer because if you’re in that room with Stem Wall, you know that you’ll be heard. It has made the process much more seamless for our users.” Read more

“Now, our Zoom set up is an easy one-touch solution through Stem Control and the additional of Stem Wall allows anyone in the room to be heard.” Read more

“The sound quality is awesome, it’s just amazing, and it’s pretty hands-free. You just connect it to your network and it took literally 15 minutes to set up and it rocks.” Read more

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