How Stem Works

The Stem ecosystem gives you freedom to customize audio coverage for perfect pickup in every room.

To Create Your Ideal Setup, Mix and Match These Devices to Best Fit Your Room and Your Needs.


Optimized for tabletops, Table is equipped with 9 microphones that perform real beamforming and a downward-facing speaker for amplified performance.
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Ceiling is a 100 microphone ceiling array that comes with two mounting options (low profile or chandelier mode) and three beam options for great coverage.
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Wall is a conferencing array with 15 microphones performing real beamforming, along with full-range speakers and subwoofers to fill the room.
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Speaker is a PoE+ powered external speaker with three mounting options and a powerful driver for exceptional sound in any meeting room.

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Each device will connect to your local network and work together so that no spot in your room is left uncovered.

Tying Your Room Together


stem hub device

When you have more than 1 device in the room, the hub will centralize the audio into your PC running your video meeting.

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Need an interface to control your Zoom Room meetings? Here you go!

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See How Stem Connects

Here's What You'll
Need to Get Started

VLAN Connection
To get Stem devices on your network, you’ll need a wired connection within the same VLAN.

PoE+ Enabled Network
For power and data, make sure you have a PoE+ network connection.

To support conferencing, 2Mbps of bandwidth is required for each Stem device.

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