Jacob Marash CEO
Jacob Marash CEO

Jacob Marash, CEO of Stem Audio

I am thrilled to finally announce the launch of Stem, a game-changing audio ecosystem set to revolutionize today’s audio-conferencing market. The concept of Stem has been growing for a long time and has been driving my team and I for almost two years. We created Stem in response to users’ urgent need for a complete system that is simple, intuitive, remotely controllable, and fully customizable. But the journey that we took to get here is as important as the result of our visionary work. Specifically, we figured out what customers actually need. How did we do this? Well, we asked and we listened. We flew across the world talking to hundreds of users, IT professionals, integrators, and analysts, and the radical summation of our Big Tour was: Understand the problem and relieve a user’s pain. Do it right and lead with quality. And make it simple!


For too long, antiquated, cumbersome systems were accepted as the status quo of the big players, leaving customers frustrated and unhappy. Stem is rooted in simple solutions. Find a need, fill the gap, change.


The result is a modern, fresh, and revolutionary audio conferencing ecosystem set to redefine the standards and practices of doing business using remote meeting technologies. The Stem solution is a complete solution. So, what does that mean? Simply put, we provide users with a toolbox of networkable products, audio “building blocks” that can be placed in any room, connected virtually through our interface, and designed to communicate over the network to provide a cohesive audio-conferencing experience. Combining these products in different configurations creates a smart audio ecosystem that is powerful and user-friendly.


We worked hard to design the Stem platform to exceed consumer standards and to surpass users’ expectations. We specifically focused on making our solution simple, intuitive, scalable, flexible, reliable, and controllable.


Throw in a couple of fancy algorithms to give customers amazing audio quality, as well as room heat maps for sound pickup and an acoustic adapting function for tuning a room, and what emerged is a system that has function and aesthetics and raises the bar on modern conferencing.

Stem is changing the way we work by working differently. Our team consists of world-renowned experts in digital signal processing and has over three decades of experience in innovation and product development. And while we have the know-how to create new technology, we are not stubborn. We embrace mistakes made in the past and learn from misconceptions we had about what users want. The result is a team of audio ninjas. The Stem team is small, agile, and motivated with enough nerve and grit to stop making unwieldy products the old way and to revolutionize how things are done moving forward.

Technology today is speeding in the direction of usability and Stem is now the first audio conferencing manufacturer to offer this new standard of usability to the enterprise world. Whether you’re an IT professional, integrator, consultant, designer, or end user, everyone will benefit from the Stem solution, a solution that started with asking the right questions, addressing common pains, and having the vision to design creative solutions. We are listening. Are you?

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