In 2018 I sat in a room with Jonathan Boaz as we wrote our “go to market” strategy. By this point we already defined Stem’s mission to revolutionize the way audio is done for video conferencing and to attack the six pain points users were experiencing. The only question left to answer was “how do we reach the masses?”

It didn’t take us long to realize that at some point, relatively early in the process, we would need to partner with a large ally that will enable us to take Stem to a global scale. Stem was lucky. For us that partner came in the form of a market and industry leader with an excellent global reach and a rich history and pedigree – Shure.

Yesterday, (June 1st, 2021) marked that important milestone. While the acquisition was announced officially in November of 2020, the real synergy kicks off now. Stem and Shure are now marching into the global market (starting in North America today and expanding globally soon) as a single family with a full and complete portfolio.

But the real excitement is around the fact that we are fulfilling our mission to bring a high-quality audio solution for the masses to the masses. Stem’s mission is to empower the end-user, no matter how big or small, to enjoy freedom and flexibility in the way they deploy and use their conferencing equipment. And now we’ll be able to do this faster and better so that we can serve you better!

Learn about Stem's Firmware Update 2.0 with additional product features, enhanced security protocols, and more!