Speak freely means we genuinely care what our users’ needs. We want them to feel comfortable to speak freely with us and to honestly share their frustrations. That’s how Stem Audio was created. From the very beginning we understood that we didn’t want Stem to be completely our idea, but rather a product of many conversations and surveys conducted with potential users. We wanted the solution to stem from the pain points that actually exists in the real world verses what we as a manufacturer perceive them to be.

Speak freely means we want the culture within our organization to promote having an opinion and sharing what’s on our mind. We believe that in order to create a productive and collaborative team, everyone should have a voice, and what you say matters. We encourage every team member, regardless of seniority or position to express their thoughts openly and freely. That’s why “say what you think and mean what you say” is an actual core value in our company spirit.

Speak freely means we want users to feel comfortable in their meetings and to speak as if they were in the same room with the person they are video conferencing with. No headsets, no wired devices in the center of the table that require people to scream into or pass around.

Speak freely means we want to give every IT professional in the world the independence and freedom to design, install, and manage a conference room without having to rely on anyone but themselves and their colleagues. We want them to decide where and how they place devices without having to compromise on performance or esthetics.

And that’s exactly the journey we set out on when we conceptualized Stem Audio two years ago. Stem was to be a concept, a product, a solution, a company that would promote people to speak freely.

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