IRVINE, Calif. – Today, Stem Audio is excited to announce their partnership with FVS. All five products in the Stem ecosystem will be available for purchase. Contact your FVS account manager to order at this time. Devices will be shipped out on a first-come-first-served basis.

“We are very pleased to announce a new partnership between FVS and Stem Audio, an emerging and very innovative actor in Audio for collaborative solutions,” said Jacques Vincent, CEO of FVS. “Through this partnership, FVS and Stem Audio will launch break-through solutions in the field of audio for the corporate world to the French market. These new solutions will allow our clients to easily design and roll-out high-performance audio configurations for meeting rooms without highly specialized skills and in a very cost-effective manner.”

About FVS

Founded in 1981, FVS imports and distributes a complete range of audio and video products marketed via its network of specialized resellers which covers the whole of French territory as well as overseas. Chosen from the biggest brands on the market, the products are rigorously selected based on their technical qualities and their ability to meet the concrete needs of end users. Video projectors, plasma and LCD flat screens, overhead projectors, visualizers, audio and video peripherals, projection screens and a very wide range of accessories are thus offered at competitive prices with a full range of services.

Stem Audio products begin shipping between February 24th – March 6th, 2020.

About Stem Audio

Stem Audio appeals to the people, not the industry. We are dedicated to helping businesses bring back the personal touch of real communication by improving the entire meeting experience. We want people to see us as a fun, kind, honest, and down to earth company. Our simple solutions address real issues that users, IT professionals, and AV integrators face everyday. We strive to make the process of new technology adoption painless and enjoyable for all. The seeds of this company were planted by the people. All we did was take those seeds and grow them into Stem Audio: The Conference Room Ecosystem.

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