Stem Audio Launches Revolutionary Conference Room Ecosystem to Reshape an Industry Full of Complex Solutions


IRVINE, Calif.Today, Stem Audio announced the launch of their revolutionary conference room ecosystem: a tool-box of five networkable products that can be mixed and matched into any meeting room, alleviating the major pains currently experienced by IT professionals and everyday users. The Stem ecosystem includes three audio devices: Table, Wall, and Ceiling which can be mixed and matched and work in tandem with Stem Audio’s Control and Hub.

Stem Products


When we embarked on the journey to create Stem, we wanted to bring to light a revolution in the audio conferencing industry.

Jacob Marash, Chief Executive Officer of Stem Audio.


“We felt like current solutions were not complete and up to par with today’s technology standards. In order to create a complete solution, we determined it must align with these six principles: Intuitive, Controllable, Reliable, Simple, Scalable, and Flexible. The Stem ecosystem is something we believe delivers that complete solution.” – Jacob Marash.

“Stem is the result of us going out into the real world and asking end-users, IT professionals, designers, consultants, and architects what their pains are,” said Jonathan Boaz, Vice President of Sales. “After hundreds of conversations and thousands of questions answered, Stem identified six pains common to almost every individual we met with. Everyone feels that designing rooms is still a massive challenge and installations are way too complicated. We also found that objectively testing audio performance after an installation is nonexistent and one-size-fits-all solutions are rarely what they claim to be. Plus, IT is in desperate need of a remote management system and a way to avoid the learning curves associated with new technology adoption. Stem’s ecosystem addresses and solves every one of these challenges.


Stem Audio is advancing the AV industry status quo by introducing completely new technologies never before seen in conference audio solutions.


They introduced the integration of deep learning in neural networks to improve echo-cancelling, de-reverb, and noise cancelling algorithms. Stem’s research and development team has discovered new methods for optimized microphone placement and beam design to enhance beamforming performance. Since voice quality can make or break a meeting, Stem redesigned the traditional approach for measuring voice clarity, implementing a proprietary combination of multiple industry standards. Plus, true beamforming techniques for smaller apertures enable Stem to achieve full beamforming functionality, even in smaller footprint products. Stem Audio’s innovative product design combines incredible audio pickup with immersive sound quality to make meetings more enjoyable than ever before.  


Stem Audio at InfoComm 2019 – Booth #4161

Stem Audio will make its first public appearance at InfoComm 2019. From June 12-14, 2019, visitors of the booth will get the opportunity to experience Stem and get an in-depth look at the features and products that make up this one-of-a-kind conference room ecosystem.


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About Stem Audio

Stem Audio appeals to the people, not the industry. We are dedicated to helping businesses bring back the personal touch of real communication by improving the entire meeting experience. We want people to see us as a fun, kind, honest, and down to earth company. Our simple solutions address real issues that users, IT professionals, and AV integrators face everyday. We strive to make the process of new technology adoption painless and enjoyable for all. The seeds of this company were planted by the people. All we did was take those seeds and grow them into Stem Audio: The Conference Room Ecosystem.



Stem Audio Media Contact: Ryan Root, Director of Marketing, Stem Audio

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