audio solution for every room

Often times we see conference audio manufacturers claim to have solutions for every room. What they really mean is that they have very different solutions for each room AND they don’t work in tandem with one another. They typically have products based on room size, meaning a company may have a standard speakerphone for a huddle room or some sort of kit that is designed for a larger room. But we’ve found that nobody has one solution for every room.

Who do you call when your audio isn’t working?

We found that many organizations have a variety of different products in their meeting rooms and because of this troubleshooting can quickly become a nightmare. So, who do you call first? The microphone manufacturer? The DSP manufacturer? An AV integrator who is going to charge you to troubleshoot? And all the while your very expensive conference room is out of commission because you have to figure out who to call first.

Well, now you can take a deep breath and put the phone down. The Stem solution will notify you of any issues as soon as they arise and even send you push notifications. You can also press a button to diagnose the issue and learn what the problem is all on your own.

Who wants to train everyone on 5 different conferencing solutions?

Literally, no one wants to do that. Just think about the challenge of training everyone to use the proprietary technology in each room. Not only will this take forever but it’s likely that nobody will remember how to use it and you’ll get people complaining that the technology is too complicated to use. Typically, the more training that technology requires, the less use it will get.

One Audio Solution to Rule Them All

Stem Audio’s conference room ecosystem is built to give you the freedom to blend audio into any space for a fully customizable solution. That’s the beauty of Stem Audio. We provide you with a “toolbox” of audio components that can be taken into any room, no matter the size, shape, or even preference for device placement. We’ve got you covered.

When you choose Stem, you know there will be a solution for every single one of your spaces. It’s designed to be a solution you can standardize across your entire organization. By having a go-to for all your conference room audio needs, you can save time and manage your organization more effectively. Remember, this isn’t something we thought up all on our own. We asked you first!

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