Stem Ceiling

100 microphones in a true work of art

Design Before You Buy

Customize your audio in minutes to know exactly what you need for your room.

Mix & Match

Mix and match all Stem devices until your room is completely covered.


Control and manage the Stem ecosystem securely on your network.


Stem solutions are compatible with your favorite video conferencing platforms.

Audio Fencing

Here’s the end-all for noisy offices and busy streets making their way into your important meetings. Stem Ceilings Audio Fencing mode completely removes outside noise and unwanted distractions to keep the focus on what’s important, picking up everyone in the room perfectly.

Low Profile or Chandelier?

Let your audio blend into the room or show-off its beautiful design. With two options to choose from, you can either tie your Ceiling conferencing microphone into the room in chandelier mode or keep your audio low key with the option to ceiling mount the device to a tile.

Stem Ceiling mounted microphone in large conference room Stem ceiling mounted conference room microphone in board room

We’ve got you covered

With 100 microphones and three array options, no one gets left out of the conversation.

High-quality within your budget

Power to the people

All Stem solutions connect via Power over Ethernet (PoE) making installation easier than ever. Running cables to power your products will never be an issue again.

Case Studies

“The minimal setup that was involved was really nice as far as managing the system and the fact that we didn’t have to hire a third-party company to come in and install it was pretty great.” Read more

“Installing Stem Ceiling was relatively easy and we got up and running fairly quickly. Finally, our audience can now hear us without any issue.” Read more

“Stem Audio has been excellent. Both the quality of the product and the quality of the people supporting the product! Stem Audio allows us to meet virtually with high-quality intelligible speech without the need for custom installers and certified dealers.” Read more

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