Stem Audio isn’t your typical audio “manufacturer”. We design our ecosystem around what real people want and need from their workplace solutions. From the thoughtful software created to make our user’s lives easier, to the hardworking hardware inside of each solution, we strive to be the innovators that create new technology for the future of audio.

Current Offerings at Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

A major part of becoming an innovator involves changing the status quo by looking at what’s wrong and doing what nobody else has done before. Current solutions on the market are at opposite extremes on the spectrum in terms of customization and ease of use. On one end you have the cookie-cutter all-in-one devices that offer zero customization or scalability. And on the other is having complete flexibility with an integrated room. The issues with this type of room are that it’s an extremely expensive and complex installation and requires an expert to install, program, and manage the room.

Creating the Middle Ground

So we asked users what they wanted from their conference room technology and the overwhelming response was that they needed a solution that is both flexible and scalable. It became clear to us that no new stand-alone speakerphone or soundbar could address and solve this issue. What users needed, and we created, was an ecosystem of products that could work together in unison. The challenge that arose, was how we were going to get multiple devices with different form factors to work together without having a DSP programmer or a DSP box in the room!

Creating a Mix & Matchable Ecosystem

Lucky for us, we have some geniuses on our engineering team who developed our one-of-a-kind Distributed Array Technology. This new technology allows the multiple microphones on each product to work together as if they were one device. In the Stem ecosystem, each audio component knows how to communicate with one another to understand where voice is coming from, which microphone or microphones provide the clearest audio signal, and perform echo-canceling and noise-canceling- all in realtime. We created this technology to give users the freedom to break away from the limitations and confinements of cookie-cutter or complicated alternatives. Now you have the freedom to place your products wherever you want in the room with zero programming needed.

After developing the technology for freedom and the complete flexibility to place audio devices anywhere in the room, we wanted to make sure that the audio is optimized for collaboration space as well. When it comes to audio, quality, and sound are very subjective. One of the biggest issues we discovered was that there was no objective way to confirm the clarity, coverage, and success of an installation. After an install, an installer just crossed their fingers and hope that the quality and coverage was sufficient for the room.

Objectively Test Your Room’s Audio Pick Up

Because every room is different, sometimes there are limitations on where you can place your audio devices. These limitations typically hinder performance in most products. To alleviate the stress and anxiety of hoping for the best from your install, the seed for our RoomCheck technology was planted. This technology was created to give you a completely objective way to test a room’s audio pickup coverage when an install is complete. You can actually see a rating of the pickup clarity of your voice is from any point in the room. As the person making decisions for your new conference room tech, you want to know for a fact that the install will be successful and that people can use the room freely. The last thing you want is for users to complain about their experience after an installation is done.

RoomCheck utilizes the artificial intelligence of neural networks and machine learning technologies to know exactly what your room will sound like from any point in the room. The integration of these technologies ensures that when you leave a room after a complete install, you know exactly what the experience will be from any spot in the room.

With Stem Audio you can feel confident that you can successfully create a conference room environment all on your own. The new age of audio and conference room technology is here. It’s time to step into the future of audio and finally speak freely.

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