With any new idea, there is a first. Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, Benjamin Franklin was the first to discover electricity, and Stem Audio is the first to create a true conference room audio ecosystem.

conference room audio mix and match feature

Now in the AV industry, the term ecosystem is thrown around to describe individual products that work on their own in an environment. The reality is that current offerings can’t scale to work in a variety of rooms. For example, a standard huddle room speakerphone won’t work for a medium to a large conference room. You also can’t use a microphone array in tandem with a ceiling microphone or a tabletop speakerphone in any one room. There was really only one option for conference room flexibility and customization. That was having an integrated room. Integrated rooms are extremely expensive and complex rooms that require an expert to come in to install, program, and manage the room, so for most people that was not a viable option.

To fill that gap, Stem was developed to create a toolbox of devices that could be mixed and matched and work together as one complete system. This mix & match element allows anyone the freedom to create a totally unique and customized conferencing experience for any room. With three audio devices, Table, Ceiling, and Wall, paired with two support devices, Control, and Hub, the possibilities are nearly endless.

The ecosystem’s scalability gives you the freedom to use the same products in every room by allowing you to add or subtract devices for customized coverage. Creating your customized room starts with RoomDesign. This tool lets you virtually recreate any room, mix and match products, and even check the coverage so you know exactly what you need for your custom conference room. With the Stem ecosystem, you can tailor your solution to fit your needs.

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