We are excited to announce the release of our latest firmware update, Stem 1.3. This release continues to expand the ecosystem by delivering additional product features, enhanced security protocols, and more!

Mute Sync with Zoom

With the release of Stem 1.3, muting your Stem devices from the Zoom desktop or Zoom Room application will just be a click away. Our devices can now communicate with Zoom, so when muting your meeting directly on Zooms video conferencing application, your Stem devices will indicate they have also been muted by lighting up red. The same goes for muting the Zoom application from Stem Table and Wall devices. Just push the microphone button on your Table or Wall device and your Zoom meeting will be muted automatically. This feature will be implemented in a future Zoom update so stay tuned!

Automated Firmware Updates

All Stem devices now update automatically with the latest Stem Audio firmware. After this, manual updates will be a thing of the past! From here on out, when a new update is available, we will send it out to all devices. The devices will then search the network for any available updates and automatically update themselves at a time when they are not currently in use.

Stem Ceiling Now Equipped with Audio Fencing

If you’re looking for a device to capture audio from the person speaking directly below the device and you want to block out all of the outside noise, then you can now utilize Ceiling’s new audio fencing feature! Ceiling’s audio fencing technology creates a 25 degree zone of coverage where anyone within that zone will be heard perfectly and any outside noise or unwanted distractions will be completely removed from the meeting. This feature will be available for rooms that only have Stem Ceiling’s and it will apply audio fencing to each Ceiling device in the room.

Watch the video below to hear Ceiling’s new audio fencing feature in action!

This diagram shows an example of coverage ranges of Ceiling’s fencing feature based on how far away the device is mounted from the ceiling.

Enhanced Encryption

Here at Stem Audio, we treat your privacy with the utmost importance. That’s why, with this latest firmware update, we’ve added an extra layer of encryption to ensure your organization’s username and password data is protected at the highest level of security. We’ve encrypted the audio packets sent between our units to prevent the possibility of internal espionage. So even if someone wiresharks the communication between our units and tries to put together the packets sent, they will not be able to recreate the audio transmitted.

Additional Release Notes:

  • Enhanced encryption to the audio, the communication commands, and the HTML.
  • Note: that means that all the communication with the controller are encrypted and the controller need to support it.

  • Added the option for Static IP
  • Hostname will now be the name given by the user instead of a generic name (or MAC address)
  • Improved room adapt for Stem Ceiling
  • More specific error message from device
  • Unit can now be named/renamed while paired
  • New volume tones
  • Additional Bug Fixes:

  • Unit recovery fix
  • Room design fix
  • Pairing/unpairing fix
  • Test results upload fix
  • Added ring tones and advanced SIP registration
  • Want to know more?

    If you want to learn more about our new 1.3 firmware update you can watch our on demand webinar where we take a deeper dive into our latest release!

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