Video conferencing has become one of the most popular and beneficial communication tools for businesses around the world. Collaboration tools like video conferencing are revolutionizing the way that traditional business is conducted on a day to day basis. It provides a multitude of benefits not just to the company itself but also to its employees, clients, and customers. Now, if you haven’t jumped on the video conferencing bandwagon yet but it’s something you’re considering, we’re going to breakdown the top five ways companies are seeing an impact from video conferencing on business.

5. Employees have a better work life balance

In the last few years we’ve seen a massive shift in workplace trends and what matters to employees when looking at jobs. Now more than ever, employees are seeking companies that support and promote a healthy work life balance. One way companies support a healthy work life balance is by allowing employees to work remotely and utilize video conferencing to communicate with teams and co-workers who may be in the office or also working remotely. Video conference meetings help co-workers stay just as connected as face to face meetings because you are able to see the person you’re speaking with. By using video conferencing to support remote employees and a healthy work life balance, businesses are seeing increased employee retention rates! By not having to fill open positions, the business saves on recruiting fees and employee onboarding costs. So, we can chalk up video conferencing and maintaining a good work life balance as a win-win!

employees working at home

4. Pumps up productivity

The workplace is more digitally enabled than ever! With video conferencing in the mix of workplace collaboration tools, employees are pumping up productivity rates. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet etc. offer integrations with your work calendar which allow employees to easily schedule meetings in seconds. With set meeting times, employees are more prepared and organized for their meetings which allows them to get down to business and stick to the meeting agenda. Video conferencing also streamlines communication by offering an alternative to a regular phone call or email. The video element makes meeting attendees more engaged in the conversation and employees that are more engaged in the conversation will be more collaborative and productive.

Video conferencing improve productivity

3. Cuts down on cost, travel, and your environmental impact

Sending employees on business trips for meetings and training can be extremely costly. More and more businesses are cutting employee travel costs by utilizing video conferencing. Think about how much your business could save on meal costs, hotel accommodations, and transportation costs by using video conferencing. Cutting back on employee travel also reduces your company’s carbon footprint. Whether employees travel by car, train, or plane, each method of transportation uses a lot of energy and produces harmful emissions into the air. So, by using video conferencing as a green alternative instead of in person meetings, your company is reducing its environmental impact!

The business is not only saving money but valuable time! Think about it like this, when you sit in a meeting that could have been an email that wastes time and oftentimes causes frustration. Now think about when you traveled for a business meeting that could have been a video conferencing meeting. In this case the employee would have to miss time at work and most of the time they would also have to leave their family, all for a meeting that could have been a video conference call. Business travel also takes a toll on employees and their families. This point also goes back to promoting work life balance. By using video conferencing, companies can reduce the amount of time employees are required to travel which allows them to spend more time at home and adds to employee happiness and work life balance.

2. Brings the “us” back in business

Video conferencing brings the “human” connection back to businesses. Often times employees and clients aren’t as engaged with other methods of communication like email or a regular phone call. When you add in the visual element of being able to see the person you’re communicating with both parties become more engaged. Video conferencing is especially useful for improving communication amongst teams and making those remote employees feel connected with their other co-workers that work in the office. Video conferencing also helps build relationships between businesses and clients by adding a more personal connection. That personal connection makes a client or customer feel like the business cares about them and they’re likely to work with businesses they have better relationships with. To sum it up, video conferencing helps place faces to names and reminds us that there’s another person on the other end of business communications.

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1. Getting a modern leg up over competitors

The number one advantage for businesses that use video conferencing is that it provides a modern edge over those competitors who aren’t using modern collaboration tools. Video conferencing and other modern collaboration tools enable employees to communicate more effectively and work at faster speeds within their organization and with clients. With all of these benefits, video conferencing enables companies to be better prepared for business on a larger scale.

Young designer giving some new ideas about project to his partners in conference room. Business people discussing over new business project in office.

As employees grow more reliant on technology in the office, there’s no denying that video conferencing is only growing more popular and essential to workplace collaboration. Video conferencing benefits everyone in the organization and more importantly to clients. By providing the tools your employees need to succeed and streamline their workflow, they’re able to provide clients and customers with better service. Now video conferencing isn’t a workplace want, it’s a need.

So, if you’re new to the idea of video conferencing and you don’t know where to start, our blog, A Complete Guide To Video Conferencing Enabled Room Design will give you a good idea of all the essential elements for video conferencing in a meeting room. If you’re a little more familiar and you’re ready to start looking for the right solutions for your meeting rooms you can take the first step by designing your first room with our RoomDesign tool or you can learn more about the Stem Audio conference room ecosystem.

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