Stem Audio’s conference room ecosystem allows you to create a custom solution for any conference room by mixing and matching the five solutions into any of your meeting rooms. Whether you’re new to the conference room revolution or you know a little bit but are dying to learn more, you have to check out the 15 ways that Stem Audio is changing conference room audio forever.

1. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

With looks this good it would be a real shame not to share them with the world. Our products were designed to enhance the look of any meeting room or discreetly blend in with the surroundings.

2. You’ve Got Options

If you like choices, then you’ll love these! Take your pick of Wall in either black or white to go with the interior design of any room. With Stem Ceiling you can choose to let it blend in by with our low profile mounting option or you can let it hang in chandelier mode. Ceiling also has 100 built-in microphones that allow you to choose from three different beam options including narrow, medium, and wide.

3. The Latest and Greatest

Yes, our solutions look incredibly sleek and modern on the outside but it’s what’s on the inside that takes Stem to the next level. Each product in the ecosystem was intentionally designed with innovative technology that is advanced on the inside to make your life easier. Built-in technology that powers the ecosystem includes:

  • Deep Learning to improve eco-cancelling, de-reverberation, and noise cancelling algorithms in each device.
  • Superior Array Performance with new methods of optimizing microphone placement and beam design to improve overall performance.
  • Voice Pickup Clarity using redefined processes for measuring voice quality with a proprietary combination of various industry standards.
  • Enhanced Beamforming with true beamforming techniques in even the smallest products like Stem Table.
  • Innovative Product Designs including microphone and speaker separation (table), full range speakers and sub-woofers (Wall), and 100 microphone array in Ceiling.

4. Designed with You in Mind

You may be wondering how we were able to come up with all of this new technology. Well, we looked at the technology people use in their day-to-day lives and found that the simplicity and intuitiveness of consumer devices was not present in audio products for the B2B world. After hundreds of conversations and thousands of questions answered with everyday users, IT professionals, consultants, designers, and architects, we wanted to create a solution based on the responses of what the people really wanted.

5. Customizable Conferencing Experience

With the conference room ecosystem, you can mix and match up to 12 products per room to create a one-of-a-kind meeting experience. By creating a customizable solution, you can tailor the amount of audio coverage for every room.

6. Set up in Minutes

The ecosystem is insanely simple for both the installer and the user. To set up each solution, all you need is an Ethernet cable, so you never have to worry about running cables and cords across the room again. If you need a USB option… Wall, Table, and Hub all offer additional USB-B connectivity.

7. Seamless Integration

We know that you want something that works with the platforms you love. That’s why we created solutions that work with all your favorite video conferencing software. So, if you want to use Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or any other of your favorites, you can rest assured knowing they’re compatible with your new favorite conference room ecosystem.

popular video conferencing platforms

8. Partner Up

Here at Stem Audio we give the people what they want. After touring all over the world and asking people what they wanted, we integrated Dante network capabilities into Stem Hub. We’ve also partnered with Huddly to create a special mount to connect a Huddly IQ Camera to Stem Wall, giving you the perfect conferencing powerhouse! Stay tuned for more partnership news with other amazing manufacturers.

9. Say Goodbye to Guesswork

Stem RoomDesign allows you to virtually design your collaboration space with the products you need, before making a purchase. This takes the headache and guesswork out of designing conferencing spaces because you’ll know exactly which building blocks you need to cover your room.

Design Your Room

10. Check One and Done

After installing the ecosystem, RoomCheck will show you an accurate heat-map of your room’s audio pickup so that you can make sure you’re always heard from anywhere in the room. You’ll never have to phone a friend to see how you sound or walk around the room saying, “testing 1, 2, 3”.

11. Optimize Acoustics Instantly

Every room is different and typically it takes forever to get the sound of the room just right. Well, with Stem RoomAdapt you can tune your room instantly. At the touch of a button this software sends out a signal and automatically adjusts acoustic settings to ensure your products are optimized for the best possible audio clarity.

12. Making Management Easier

If you’re managing the technology for your organization this will seriously be a game changer for you. Remote management will allow you to access all the ecosystems and products within your entire organization. You’ll receive alerts in real time about any system issues with a message that tells you what the issue is before any meetings are interrupted. No more constant troubleshooting, just simple solutions.

13. There’s Something for Everybody

What makes the Stem ecosystem so unique is that these solutions are essentially universal. You can use each product for any sized room. To modify audio coverage by room size all you have to do is add or subtract units in any combination you desire. You may think it sounds too good to be true, but it’s really that simple.

14. The Complete Solution

We designed our solution to be simple, intuitive, scalable, flexible, reliable, and controllable. Our team has pushed the envelope to craft a solution to everyday problems faced by anyone who uses video conferencing and the result is the complete solution that grew to become the Stem ecosystem.


Over the years many companies have built great conference room audio products, but Stem Audio has created what my clients really wanted all along: A Complete Solution

Ryan Pinke, Founder/ Partner of Video Conference Gear


15. We’ve Got You Every Step of the Way

From design to implementation, the Stem Solution takes you through every step of the journey with RoomDesign, Installation, RoomCheck, RoomAdapt, Remote Management, and Intuitive Design.

See how simply you can connect a meeting room.

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