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Stem Audio happy customers
Stem Audio Ecosystem

From design
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It takes more than a speakerphone to solve conference room audio for any room. It takes a fully customizable audio ecosystem.

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With Stem, you have the freedom mix and match Ceiling, Table, and Wall to meet your needs for every room.

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Build the perfect customized audio experience for you

Stem Table

Not your average conference room speakerphone

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Stem Wall

For high-quality coverage from Wall to Wall

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Stem Ceiling

The ceiling array you’ve been looking for

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Stem Control

Putting you in control of your conference rooms

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Save big with Stem

Stem not only provides you with the freedom to customize your rooms but our no-programming approach saves you time and money. Outfit all your conference rooms with great audio while at the same time staying within your budget.

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The Stem ecosystem is compatible with all of your favorite video conferencing platforms.

What are the experts saying?

Ira WeinsteinFounder & Managing Partner
Recon Research, Inc.

A meeting room audio planning and design system that’s simple enough for non-audio folks to use. Thank you, Stem Audio.

Bryan HellardOfferings Evaluation Researcher
Wainhouse Research

As someone who's "been there", I appreciate the value of Stem's new approach... If it all works as intended, the ease-of-use and simplicity of Stem should prove to be a welcome in-house alternative to traditional SI's and AV installers.

Roopam JainIndustry Director
Frost & Sullivan

Stem Audio is making its mission to change the status quo by focusing on robust, affordable audio that also offers plug and play simplicity and a self-service approach to room design and installation changing the market dynamics.

David Maldow, Esq.Founder & CEO
Let’s Do Video

Video technology has leapfrogged in recent years and the use of business video is exploding. Today's video services offer high-quality audio, but it’s limited by the audio setup of your meeting room. Stem Audio’s ecosystem approach to meeting room audio, along with standard best practices for video, will almost ensure that your remote teams will have fully immersive and productive working sessions.

Ryan PinkeFounder, Partner
Video Conference Gear

Over the years many companies have built great conference room audio products, but Stem Audio has created what my clients really wanted all along: A Complete Solution.